Why there´s WHMD?

As time goes by we use more and more digital services. At the same time we become more negligent. We spread data without caring about or even understanding what happens to all the data. WHMD makes data handling more conscious because we can check easily where our data is saved and stored. In addition to transperency, the tool helps us to request data information and delete data traces.

True to our motto “Because your data is your data”, as a private member you are part of a large community and not only in the defence of your rights.

How can I make use of WHMD?

In a later expansion stage, further functions are available to you in order to obtain transperency over your entire data track. Then you may have the option to deposit your mail and bank account so that you can also identify your data track here. You can also manually add your offline data track to the WHMD portal.

Furthermore, you can ask all companies via WHMD in the future which data are stored there by you. You can ask the companies to delete or update your data stored there. In addition, you can revoke your permission to the use of your data.

How can I make use of the WHMD browser plugin?

Using the activated browser plugin, the WHMD tool remembers all information you enter, e.g. when registering with a portal, at your request. The browser plugin is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. So you can track your data yourself.

What about the legal status of WHMD?

WHMD is a non-profit initiative that operates as an independant association being a helper and voice for its members in terms of data protection.

Who is behind WHMD?

Behind WHMD are the members of the association with their rights and duties.

Founding members are Florian Christ (Board), Monique Franziska Heyner, Lena Justen (both deputy board), Björn Sänger (treasurer), Fabian Schmidt, Alexander Vey, Alexander Kohout, Andreas Burkart.

I have a question that has not yet been answered here. Who can I contact?

Please feel free to contact us at any time at 

How do I install the browser plugin?

You can download the extension directly from the Chrome Web Store: 

In the current onboarding process you will also be offered the “Make browser fit” button for installing the extension. 

Can I get to know WHMD for free?

Yes, you can try WHMD free for 30 days. Thereafter a symbolic membership fee of 1 euro per month will be charged.

How much does a WHMD membership cost me as a private person?

The membership costs you 1 euro per month as a private person. However, WHMD can be used free of charge for the first 30 days.

How can I join the association?

Simply click on the “Become a Member” button on our site and fill out the registration form.

How can I quit the membership?

You can cancel your membership with immediate effect. You send the cancellation to

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is secure and protected from unauthorized access by third parties. All of your data is already encrypted on your browser/end device using your personal access key. This personal access key is generated during your registration and should never be given to third parties. WHMD does not know this key either. So no one but you can decrypt your data.

Additionally, all data traffic between your browser/end device and WHMD servers is encrypted. The modern and secure TLS (Transport Layer Security Protocol) transmission method is used for this purpose. This ensures that all data is transmitted in encrypted form and is protected against manipulation and unauthorized access by third parties during transmission.

All data are collected under the requirement of data avoidance and data economy according to § 3a BDSG. Your data will not be shared with third parties unless there is a legal obligation to do so or you have authorized the sharing.

What is the personal access key?

Your personal access key ensures that your data can only be read by you and no one else. Every data you send to WHMD is already encrypted with this key on your browser/end device and only then sent to WHMD´s servers and stored there.

The key is generated during your registration and consists of several parameters such as your e-mail address and your password. This way you don´t have to remember an additional password. However, you should make a backup copy of your access key. This takes a few steps via the settings menu in the WHMD portal.

Where is my data stored?

The servers are located in an ISO 27001 certified data center in Germany. The storage and processing of your data encrypted by you takes place entirely in Germany.

For the future expansion stages we are thinking about offering the possibility to save WHMD directly on your device instead of on server. This would have the disadvantage for you that the data is not available for all devices but stored safely at your place. We can also imagine that you can use your favourite cloud as a storage location for your data.

What do I have to do to delete my encrypted data?

You can remove individual records that you save in WHMD by clicking on “Delete entry” in the portal.

What do I have to do to delete my WHMD account?

You can find the function “Delete account” under the profile icon at the top right of the WHMD portal: Just click on profile, scroll down and click “Delete account”.

What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

You can generate a new password at any time using the “Forgot password” function. You will receive a link to your e-mail address stored with WHMD, via which you can create a new password for yourself.

But beware: Since your password is part of your personal access key, it is important that you have a backup copy of your personal access key. This is the only way to decrypt your encrypted data with a new password.

How much does WHMD membership cost me as a company?

Companies pay a basic amount of 120 euros per year plus 6 euros per year per employee for at least ten percent of the total number of employees. This allows companies to distribute memberships to ten percent of employees free of charge. However, companies can also pay the 6 euros per employee for more than ten percent of their employees and thus offer WHMD access to a maximum of all employees.

Companies also have the opportunity to offer their customers free access to WHMD.

What benefits does WHMD offer companies?

WHMD stands for the relevance of data protection in companies. The digital transformation can be pushed forward by passing the tool on to employees. In customer communication, WHMD can be used as a uniform communication channel, for example for DSGVO-compliant queries (request for data information and data deletion). Because WHMD users maintain and control their customer data centrally, the quality of master data in companies also improves.