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Who Has My Data

Who has my data e. V. is a non-profit-institution from Kassel, Germany. In November 2017 we founded the association to regain contol of the asset worth protecting named „data“ together and strive pointing out the data footprints of all of us. We see our initiative as a movement and want to spread our idea nationwide – because hand in hand many Davids can turn into one Goliath to protect ourselves.

Like any other association we are provided by our members. For now we have about 60 companions and are very happy about each and every one of them. We need you to support our growth!

WHMD has been founded by Florian Christ (Chairman), Monique Franziska Heyner, Lena Justen (Deputy Chairman each), Björn Sänger (Treasurer), Fabian Schmidt, Alexander Vey, Alexander Kohut and Adreas Burkart.

Every member has rights and responsibilities needless to say but first of all we are a community. Become a part of our movement.

Who Has My Data

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